Elastic Mooring Solutions

Hazelett Marine is the largest manufacturer of Conservation Elastic Mooring Systems in North America with thousands of installations worldwide.

Our Elastic Mooring Solution is environmentally friendly, safe, and simple.

The Hazelett Elastic Mooring System, connected to a block or Helix screw anchor, floats above the sea bed with a minimal environmental footprint. Hazelett Marine is proud to be an industry leader in sustainable marina development. We partner with nonprofits, governments and private marinas to provide a conservation based mooring system for eelgrass and coral reef restoration projects.

The Hazelett Elastic

10ft (3m) long | 1.75in (4.45cm) diameter

Homogeneous, proprietary technology made in the USA

Resistant to biofouling and abrasion

 UV protection

Performs well in adverse weather conditions

Per elastic – WORKING energy absorption of 3,500ft-lb (4,750Nm)

Per quad system – MAXIMUM energy absorption of 140,000+ft-lb (190,000Nm)

Each elastic conditioned to 200% in shop

Peak Load Reductions

Securing vessels with Hazelett Elastic Rodes reduces peak loads at connection points (from docks to anchors and from deck cleats to anchors) by approximately 50%.

More Gentle Dock Motion

Docks and wave attenuators anchored with Hazelett Elastic Rodes are tensioned at low tide, so they stay put at low tide.  As the tide rises, the elastics stretch.  Docks and wave attenuators secured with Hazelett Elastic Rodes have a more gentle motion and are easier and safer to walk on in rough weather.

Increased Mooring Density

Hazelett Elastic Mooring Systems can be set up with as little as one-to-one scope at high water. 40% more boats can be moored in the same square footage compared to boats on chain with three-to-one scope.

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