Hazelett DockMaster System

Hazelett DockMaster System

With the Hazelett DockMaster System 1-4 elastics are connected on the bottom side to the shackle which connects to the anchor and on the top side to a shackle which connects to unline, rope or chain depending on design.

The quantity of elastics used varies depending on the project requirements. A limit line with a 105kn-194kn break strength is integrated to limit stretch as needed and provide additional break strength.

A double 10′ (3 meter) DockMaster System provides a 60kn working load and a 240kn break strength. A triple 10′ (3 meter) DockMaster System provides a 70kn working load and 240kn break strength.

The DockMaster is used throughout the world to moor concrete jetties, aluminum pontoons, modular plastic pontoons and more. Typically installed under pre-tension, the DockMaster evenly distributes loads throughout the lines creating the most stable, safe and eco-friendly dock mooring system in the world.


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Sustained for 30s
Sustained for 30s


Hazelett Marine DockMaster System.


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