Our Hazelett Marine Story

Combining Engineering & Know-how since 1985

Our Start

The Hazelett Conservation Elastic Mooring System is an advanced alternative to traditional block and chain moorings. When riding out “The Hurricane of 38” and then Gloria in 1985 , on two different vessels anchored with chain, Vermont- based inventor and industrialist Bill Hazelett had ample time to observe the stresses and motions of vessels anchored with chain in extreme weather.

Our Solution

Bill Hazelett was determined to develop an elastic mooring system that would reduce point loads on deck hardware, eliminate the jerking motion when chain becomes taut and keep the vessels pointed straight into the wind.  Mr. Hazelett spent time and resources in the following years developing the Hazelett Elastic Rodes.

The Conservation Elastic System

Environmentally friendly mooring systems were not thought about in the early stages of the Hazelett elastic mooring development.  A typical chain mooring system usually has at least a 3-to-1 scope. When boats swing with wind and tidal changes, the chain on the seabed rakes the bottom, killing sensitive eelgrass and coral reefs.  Shellfish and finfish need eelgrass and coral to spawn and have cover for their young to hide in.  A Hazelett mooring elastic system connected to a Helix screw anchor floats above the seabed with a minimal footprint.  More and more harbors around the world are prohibiting the use of chain and requiring conservation moorings.

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