Single Point Moorings, Docks & Wave Attenuators, Floating Solar

Single Point Moorings

The Hazelett Conservation Elastic Mooring System is an advanced alternative over traditional block and chain moorings.  From the anchor upwards, our system consists of galvanized hardware for attaching to the anchor or block, hard trawl floats to keep the components afloat, one or more elastic rodes, a spar buoy, and a stainless steel swivel.

Docks & Wave Attenuators

Docks and wave attenuators anchored with chains tensioned at high tide will wander at low tide when the chain becomes slack.  When wind and waves build, chain-anchored structures will jerk violently as the chain becomes taut.  Peak loads at the windward chain-to-dock connections can cause them to fail.

Floating Solar

Hazelett Marine is exploring using elastics to moor floating solar systems.  Due to the low maintenance and stability of our product, Hazelett elastics provide an excellent solution to moor floating solar arrays.

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