Marinas around the world are undergoing exciting transformations in support of environmentally sustainable facilities. From cruise ships to waterfront resorts, these renovations showcase a commitment to providing modern technology and improved boater experience. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent marina dock and mooring renovations making waves.

Town of Palm Beach Marina Wins Over Boaters

The Town of Palm Beach Marina renovation was slated to be completed in under two years, a remarkable feat considering the marina is located in a residential neighborhood. The community-focused approach has paid off, with boaters and locals alike appreciating the marina’s enhancements including marina dock and mooring renovations.

These upgrades are focused on improving the core facilities that boaters rely on, from modernizing slips to expanding mooring options

Lighthouse Point Marina’s Transformation

Lighthouse Point Marina has embraced renovation as a new beginning. While details on specific dock and mooring upgrades are limited, the marina’s overall transformation signals a commitment to enhancing its sustainable boating infrastructure.

McKinley Marina Upgrade

Construction began on the McKinley Marina upgrade on May 15th, 2023, and is progressing on schedule. Rapid dock and mooring renovations signal a commitment to enhancing the marina’s infrastructure. Boaters can expect modern facilities and a smoother experience.

Vero Beach Marina Expansion

After long delays, work on the Vero Beach Marina expansion is finally starting. The construction of the new marina is projected to be $7.6 million, funded by a combination of grant money and capital improvements. While details on dock and mooring renovations are forthcoming, the investment signals a commitment to expanding the marina’s dock facilities and amenities.

Clearwater Beach Marina Replacement Project

The Clearwater Beach Marina will undergo a replacement project, with construction expected to start in approximately August 2024. While details are scarce, the replacement project promises to bring modern dock facilities and amenities to this popular destination. Boaters can look forward to an enhanced experience at one of Florida’s most beloved marinas.

IOP Marina Renovations Refresh Visitor Experience

The IOP Marina is in the midst of ongoing renovations aimed at refreshing the dock and mooring facilities’. Additionally, the parking lot is being redesigned for greater convenience. These updates promise to make the marina a more welcoming destination for boaters and

Casa Marina Resort Renovation

Casa Marina Resort has completed phase one of its dock and mooring renovations, preserving its timeless character while introducing modern and environmentally friendly amenities. The resort’s final phase will focus on its signature feature, though details remain under wraps. Boaters and resort guests can expect an elevated experience that blends classic charm with contemporary comforts.

These marina dock and mooring renovations showcase a global trend towards enhancing the boating infrastructure. From modernizing slips to expanding mooring options, marinas are investing in upgrades that directly benefit boaters and the environment alike. As these projects reach completion, boaters can expect an improved experience at marinas.