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Hazelett Marine was easy to work with, delivery was fast and product was cheaper than competitive products.  While our dock was inland, it survived Hurricane Florence because of Hazelett elastics.  We will definitely use them on our next project.

Steven Bailey, NC Wildlife Resources Commission

September 2018

I spent a few days at the factory training installations and can tell ya, they are Wicked Good! and Worth Springing the Bucks for!

Get the Best. Get Hazelett. Capt Walt

June 2010

Thanks a million for saving my boat! The people on shore during George’s attack agreed that the Hazelett mooring pennant held Gaviota while other smaller and lighter boats dragged the moorings (and anchors) until they hit the rocks and the fuel docks, where they were destroyed. One 40′ boat moored to a block 1m3 and two screws beached in the mangroves.

This is a remarkable test when you consider that Gaviota is heavy (54,000lb) and 14′ beam, and that the winds were at least 110mph. But the real stress came from the surge and waves. They tell me that the boats were pitching 30 degrees or more.


November 1998

As a commercial spear fisherman, I need to know that my boat will remain on its mooring through a nasty blow and be ready for a day’s work. Since I’ve been using your rode, my anchorage has been hit by several fronts blowing in excess of 40 knots for four days straight, and one that came through at over 60 knots.

While many boats were dragging their moorings, chaffing through pennant lines, and yawing about, my 45-footer rode out the storms easily, with no problems. I noticed that there is less strain on my mooring, lines, and boat since I purchased your rode, and I would recommend it to anyone, especially liveaboards.

Lee Starling, Commercial Fisherman, Key West, FL

April 1998

… and is backed by science!

Mooring Buoy Planning Guide

International PADI, Inc, California | March 2015

In gale conditions, the chain (in a conventional mooring system) extends until it is almost straight.  When this happens, the elasticity provided by the (catenary) curve is lost.  The chain becomes a rigid steel rod between the bottom anchor and the boat.  Any additional increases in the force of the wind or waves must be absorbed by a component in the anchor system.  Something is bound to fail.  The anchor yanks loose, the pennant breaks or a cleat pulls out.

The Hazelett Elastic Mooring Rode offers a better solution.  Because of its engineered ELASTICITY, it stretches out smoothly under the load of wind and sea, thereby eliminating the peak forces of a rigid chain rode.  The Hazelett rode provides a new dimension in mooring systems – the dimension of elasticity.  During storm conditions, this new dimension also protects against the effects of the sudden increases in water depth caused by storm surges or the impact of a break-away boat.

Review of Mooring Infrastructure Technology

RPS APASA PTY LTD, Australia | July 2014

Hazelett rodes maintain elasticity to absorb forces from strong winds and tides and preserves the integrity of the mooring system under severe storm conditions.

Review of Private Mooring Trial (ongoing) conducted in the Isle of Man

Bryan Gullan, Isle of Man | November 2017

The elasticity within the mooring set-up eliminated entirely the ‘snatch’ associated with chain moorings during heavy weather and helps the boat to maintain a very stable position over the mooring in rough conditions.  The Hazelett system eliminates virtually all moving parts, so reducing wear on the majority of components.

Conservation Moorings to Protect Eelgrass Habitat

Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, Massachusetts | February 2009

Seagrass loss associated with boat moorings at Rottnest Island, Western Australia.

BACI design reveals the decline of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica induced by anchoring.

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