RPI Mesocosm Dock

Lake George, New York, USA


The Jefferson Project at Lake George, a collaboration between Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, IBM Research, and The FUND for Lake George, is a sophisticated technological approach to studying fresh water, with a goal of understanding the impact of human activity on freshwater, and how to mitigate those effects.  As part of the project, the team required a floating dock to secure underwater scientific samples with a platform to supervise the experiment.


Because the Jefferson Project is an environmental study, RPI and IBM did not want to use concrete anchors due to the leaching of chemicals and hoped to avoid chain due to the negative environmental effects of chain scour and rusting.  The water was too deep to use the EZ Dock piling solution.


Helix anchors with small environmental footprints combined with Hazelett elastics that float above the seabed and rope ensured the installation was environmentally friendly while allowing the dock to perform well in rough weather.


Hazelett along with its anchoring partner Helix Mooring Systems, EZ dock manufacturer FWM Docks, and installation partner Waterfront Contracting delivered a product that the customer was ecstatic with and that will enable the Jefferson Project to suspend and supervise its mesocosm, an outdoor experimental system that examines the natural environment under controlled conditions.

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