Being underneath the water diving, where everything is quiet except the sound of one’s breathing, is the most serene and relaxing environment to exist arguably in the world.  Mike Wickenden from South Hero, Vermont, has had the pleasure of experiencing this thrilling environment inspecting and installing moorings for the past twenty years.


A successful businessman, Mike Wickenden has an incredible story and actually runs Hero Divers, his inspection and installation trade, primarily as a hobby for the joy and passion of diving.  Desk job staring at a computer screen all day, or marine environment surrounded by eelgrass, fish, lobsters, and water for miles on end… who wouldn’t pick the latter!

Hazelett Marine has been lucky to work with Mike over the years and we are fortunate to have formed a lasting friendship that will continue hopefully for years to come.  Mike installs and inspects almost all Hazelett elastic moorings in Vermont and surrounding New England areas.

For everything that Mike has done for us, we are happy to have created a video to show him in his marine element. We hope to continue producing videos for other loyal customers and partners to tell their stories and help cross-market our clients.  What story do you want to tell?