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Ispezione e manutenzione

The Hazelett elastic system has a 10-year life expectancy and requires minimal maintenance.  Docks anchored with Hazelett elastics have uniform loads on the entire structure.  Our single point systems reduce point loads and ensure boats stay pointed directly into the wind with a constant, gentle pull.  While our mooring system requires minimal maintenance, we recommend the elastics be inspected on a yearly basis and after strong weather events such as hurricanes.  Inspections should be conducted regularly by trusted and qualified mooring installers.  If desired, we are partnered with quality inspectors who will be happy to travel to project sites to inspect moorings and guarantee the integrity of our product.

Design e ingegneria

No matter what your design and engineering needs may be, Hazelett Marine can assist you in the process.  Our qualified team of engineers design custom docking solutions that integrate with other marine projects where the Hazelett Elastic is an ideal answer.  Come to us with your ideas and we will be happy to analyze your project and provide a feasible solution.

Supporto per l’istallazione

Hazelett Marine provides support throughout the installation process.  We value our customer relationships and strive to provide the best service possible.  Hazelett recommends a professional installer be on-site to install the mooring(s).  We will provide all necessary information and feedback to ensure a proper installation that will guarantee the structural integrity and reliability of our product. Additionally, we are proud to be partnered with certified and experienced installers around the world who will provide excellent support.

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