Elastici di ormeggio

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The Hazelett Marine elastic rode is a proprietary advanced elastomer technology that is proven and tested with 35+ years of experience. The elastic comes in four sizes and two stiffness levels. It is used for a number of applications including swing moorings, docks/pontoons, wave attenuators, navigation buoys and floating solar arrays. When integrated into a mooring line, the Hazelett Marine Elastic Rode provides unparalleled stability, constant tension and extends the design life of the floating structure. Tests conducted by a third party accredited testing facility conclude that a single Hazelett Marine Elastic Rode will withstand over 20kn (4,496 lbs) of force. The elastic can repeatedly elongate over 200% and return to original length.

The Hazelett Marine elastic floats above the sea bed with a minimal environmental footprint, reduces point loads, reduces wind loads, increases mooring density, and provides a more gentle dock motion.



L’elastico di ormeggio è il prodotto principale Hazelett

Per gli ormeggi su linea singola, l’elastico è collegato al fondale con il grillo al sistema di ancoraggio (corpo morto o elica di ormeggio) e in superficie al grillo che è collegato alla cima e alla boa di longherone.

For dock systems, the elastic is connected on the bottom side to the shackle which connects to the anchor system and on the top side to the shackle which connects to the chain or rope depending on design. A limit line with a 105kn-194kn break strength is integrated to limit stretch as needed and provide additional break strength.

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3ft, 5ft, 6.5ft, 8ft, 10ft


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