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Champlain Divers is a community centered around the thrills, chills, and love of diving Lake Champlain. is a way for divers to communicate.  It's a way for them to share information, skills, and experiences in a manner that makes Lake Champlain adventures safer and more fulfilling for everyone.  It's about participation.  Pierre at Champlain Divers International has been recommending, installing, and servicing Hazelett moorings on Lake Champlain for years.

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Hazelett Marine recommends Helix anchors for securing to our elastic rode systems.

Helix Mooring Systems, Inc has been a loyal partner for years and we are excited to continue using and recommending their anchoring system that has worked superbly with our products to provide a reliable mooring solution.  Helix Mooring anchors have been providing secure anchoring for boat owners, harbormasters, and marine construction and civil engineering firms since 1992 as a high performance alternative to traditional mushroom, deadweight, and pile anchors.  Helix Mooring anchors are proven to be cost-effective and environmentally sensitive solutions for boat owners and marine professionals around the globe. Their boat moorings have been installed in 25 countries and 45 US states.

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Hero Divers specializes in the installation and inspection of boat moorings.

They additionally perform underwater maintenance, boat salvage, search & recovery, and other diving jobs. Hero Divers has 20 years of experience managing all types of moorings on Lake Champlain.  Hazelett Marine has a close relationship with Hero Divers and has absolute confidence and trust in their ability to install and inspect Hazelett moorings.  Hero Divers is a top installer of Hazelett elastic mooring systems in Vermont and has installed and inspected over 70 systems.  Hazelett elastics have a 30-year design life with little maintenance required, but we encourage yearly inspections to ensure no outside forces have compromised the integrity of the elastics.

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Hazelett Marine is proudly partnered with Sealite, the world’s fastest growing manufacturer of marine aids to navigation.

Headquartered in Australia and with manufacturing and office locations in the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore, the Sealite team is dedicated to servicing the marine industry through the efficient design and production of leading-edge products.  The company operates purpose-built facilities and employs a highly skilled team of engineers and production specialists in its operations.  Part of Sealite’s business philosophy is to invest in state-of-the-art equipment to achieve superior efficiencies and the highest levels of quality control.  Keeping the manufacturing process in-house achieves better value for customers, superior quality standards and faster delivery times.

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Waterfront Contracting provides on-call services to the waterfront communities throughout the Northeast and beyond.

They are committed to meeting their clients diving and related needs in the most professional and safest manner.  They provide Mooring/Anchoring Systems, Dock Construction, Repair and Installation, Salvage and Towing, Boat Hauling/Captain Services, Winterizing & Shrink Wrapping, Drainage and Septic Systems, Land Clearing, Non Explosive Rock Removal, Camp Renovations, Waterfront Restoration and Erosion Solutions, and Construction of Steel Storage Buildings.  Waterfront Contracting is an experienced and reliable installer of Hazelett mooring systems.

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Red Cap Marine has been installing and inspecting moorings on Lake Champlain for 25 years.

Their clients include marinas & private homeowners around South Hero, Grand Isle, Colchester, Burlington, Georgia Shore, St. Albans & other surrounding VT & NY towns.  Red Cap specializes in boat moorings, especially the Hazelett Elastic Mooring System.  They additionally provide salvage and towing services with 40,000lbs of lift bag capacity and have salvaged over 40 sailboats & powerboats on Lake Champlain from 18' to 44' in length.

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BulDock builds floating docks and piers to help connect people with the sea.

Their expertise includes the development of a high-quality modular HDPE pontoon system created using the latest cutting edge techniques and technologies. Notably, artist Christo used BulDock’s modular pontoon system in the world-famous Floating Piers in Italy. Over a period of 16 days from June 18th through July 3rd, 2016, the work of art attracted 1.2 million visitors.  Seventy-eight Hazelett Marine elastics were used to stabilize the floating piers consisting of 226,000 high density polyethylene cubes and 70,000 square meters of yellow fabric. BulDock’s modular HDPE pontoon solution combined with the stability that Hazelett elastics provide made this project possible. We are happy to have partnered with BulDock and look forward to future projects together.

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MSE Group has been designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining moorings for the boating industry since 2006.

With 10,000 moorings installed, MSE's experts use their experience and know-how to ensure every project is designed and built to the highest quality.  They additionally develop anchoring and gangway access solutions and provide services and accessories to ensure all boating needs are met.  Hazelett Marine has supplied 3ft (1.375in, 0.54cm diameter) elastics to MSE for years for floating pontoon applications.  We look forward to expanding our partnership to help support other boating applications.

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Kyoraku is a Japanese blow mold company that has had experience in the plastic industry since 1947.  Their HDPE floats are engineered to be light weight and perfectly suited for floating solar.

Kyoraku and Hazelett Marine have partnered together to bring the highest quality, all inclusive floating solar product to the market.  Floating solar has many benefits including water volume retention, water quality preservation, solar cell efficiency, and land-based solar farm cost mitigation.  Check out more benefits here.

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Hazelett Marine is excited to jump into the new era of modular docks with Bouzakis Bros Marine.

Founded in 1987, Bouzakis Bros Ltd is a dynamic growing company that offers innovative turnkey solutions for modular floating docks and boatlifts.  Bouzakis Bros exclusively represents Candock floating docks in Greece and Cyprus as well as AirBerth boatlifts in Greece, Cyprus and Israel.  The Hazelett elastic rode connected to a Helix anchor provides a perfect solution to compliment the flexibility inherent in Bouzakis Bros inventive installations.

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ALMARIN is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of buoys and beacons, in addition to being a distributor of flashlights and other equipment for the maritime and industrial sectors.

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Hazelett Marine has partnered with the Lindley Group, parent company of Almarin, which has over 85 years of experience providing quality buoy and beacon solutions to the marine industry.  Navigation buoys are a perfect application for the use of Hazelett elastics that provide stability and absorb wave and wind energy.  We are excited to support the navigation buoy market through our partnership with the Lindley Group!

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Pioneer Moorings & Docks has been providing mooring systems & services for SouthCoast MA and RI since 1989.

Experienced boat owners entrust their mooring system installation, certified inspections and repair service needs to Pioneer Moorings.  Customers additionally rely on Pioneer Moorings for custom dock and swim float design, build, maintenance and storage marine services for residential, commercial and marina properties.  Pioneer Moorings is a loyal partner of Hazelett Marine and has been advocating for our moorings for years.  We are excited to continue working together for many years to come!

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